How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! Psalm 133:1 

Our Programs

One of our very own members started the food bank years ago with a few other local people and it has grown to serve people in need all over. Every month the church sends financial support to Gifts of Love Food Bank and a basket is placed in the back corner of the church auditorium for members to drop off food every week. Learn more

A Christ-Centered haven for children and families in need. From the moment you step foot on our beautiful 70-acre campus, you will sense that there’s something special about Mount Dora Children’s Home. Since our founding in 1945, we have served as a Christ-centered haven for children and families who find themselves in need. This is a place where children are loved because we believe every child is a gift from God, made in His image and deserving of a good start in life. It is a place where children, single parents and others we serve can feel safe and be assured of receiving a friendly “hello” from people on campus. Learn more

From 1998 to 2004, the church partially supported Arnold Garcon’, a native of Haiti.  Brother Arnold came to the New Smyrna Beach church of Christ each Spring and each time we supplied his requests for donations of food, clothing, and financial assistance. One of the staples he requested on each visit is rice & pinto beans, which they use to pay teachers, preachers, and give to the local people. Currently we are interested in supporting another mission work but have not made any commitments. 

EEM’s mission is to place bibles in the native tongue of people all across Eastern Europe.  This includes Ukraine and other neighboring countries.  These countries have opened their arms asking that bibles be given to their public schools for curriculum.

To provide these bibles, EEM has a fund drive called “Million Dollar Sunday” where they hope to raise at least that much each year.  The New Smyrna Beach Church of Christ has participated for years in the effort to help EEM reach its goals and place bibles in these countries. Learn more

Click here to view our puppet show from the Kids Christmas Party 2022!